A young man wearing a virtual reality headset plays a VR game.

VR Solutions for Health & Wellness

Reach Shoulder Health

Reach Shoulder Health is a dynamic virtual reality system designed to aid people who have shoulder and upper extremity limitations during their recovery.

Reach’s proprietary VR-assessment technology evaluates a user's shoulder movement during immersive and interactive gameplay to identify limitations. Reach then dynamically adapts its VR experiences in order to optimize recovery and build strength. Progress is tracked both in VR and on the web with the Reach Dashboard, where users may log in to view their shoulder health progress.

  • Convenient & flexible. Use Reach on your own schedule at home.
  • Find your motivation. VR games that don't feel like exercise keep you motivated and challenged.
  • Distraction from pain. Reach keeps you focused on the game, not the pain.
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